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Our Commitments to YOU...
* Benefits are paid DIRECTLY TO YOU, to use any way you see fit
* Benefits are paid IN ADDITION to any other insurance you may have
* Claim payments are DEPO
SITED DIRECTLY to your bank account, at your option
* Coverage is GUARANTEED RENEWABLE for life as long as premiums are paid on time - only you can cancel
* Your phone calls are answered by a LIVE PERSON - all services are provided in the United States
* Premium DOES NOT INCREASE with age or because of claims
* We have NEVER RAISED A RATE on an existing policy/certificate holder

Customizable Options to Fit Your  Needs

Four Coverage Plans Available: Single, Single Parent, Couple and Family

Coverage Plans to Fit your Budget: Base, Standard, Preferred and Elite

Select Your Own Billing Date: Set your plan for Annual or Monthly Payments AND select your preferred payment date. 

Return of Premium
Issue Age 65 and Under

* Our program makes sense even if you never file a claim!
* We will RETURN YOUR PREMIUM, less any claims paid, when your policy matur
* If all covered adults pass away for any reason before the policy reaches maturit
we immediately RETURN YOUR PREMIUMS, less any claims paid!


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